• Malware Removal and Protection
    Malware Removal/Anti Malware Virus/Malware Removal Is your computer slow? Acting strange? Web browser hijacked? Pop-up asking you for money to remove? You most likely have a virus or malware. I can help!!!
  • Virus Removal and Protection
    Blue Screen of Death/Computer Crashes Computer crashes/ Blue screen of death Does your PC suddenly crash? or give the dredded blue screen of death? I can help!!!
  • Recover missing Files
    Header/ComputerFixesbyTom.webs.com File recovery Do you have an old computer or Hard Drive that has important data on it? I can recover your documents and photos, even if the computer doesn't work at all.
  • Software Protection and Privacy
    Software Privacy/ Software Security Software Privacy and Security Analysis Outdated software is vulnerable to attacks.We can Safe guard your information, by updating your software and remove dangerous software.
  • Spyware Removal and Protection
    Spyware Removal Malware Removal, Preventing loss of personal information and system functionality.
  • Virus Removal and Protection
    Spyware Prevention Spyware Prevention Preventing Spyware from unknown internet sources gathering informationg about you without your knowledge.Preventing Spyware from unknown internet sources gathering informationg about you without your knowledge.
  • Free Soyware Software
    FREE! Spyware Software You will be given the best spyware prevention the open source community has to offer!
  • Data Recovery and back up
    Disaster Recovery Prevention Recovery of files of completely crashed systems, Password Recovery, Drive Forensics of deleted or corrupt files* (If Possible)
  • Software and hardware installation
    Software/Hardware Installation If you need a specific program set up, configured or installed we can do that. *Parts not included. But we do our best to find you the best quality and the lowest price. We consent with you before purchasing anything.
  • Computer and Laptop Repairs
    Computer Repairs by ComputerfixesbyTom Operating System Repair Blue screen of death, sudden crashes, Hard ware not working properly. Most of these symptoms can be fixed without losing your data.
  • Operating System installations
    Software and Upgrades Operating System Installation. We can install entirely new operating systems to completely remove all traces of viruses, malware and data corruption. Ask Us about Linux!!!
  • System Upgrade for Computers and laptops
    Operating System Upgrades Still running Windows XP or Vista? Find out if your Computer meets the requirements for an update.
  • backup all important files
    Computer File System Backup Automated Back Up Systems With the use of external Hard Drives, automated backup systems can be created to ensure that your most sensitive data is always secure.
  • Data Recovery from failed Drives
    Daata Recovery/ Disaster Recovery Failed Hard Drive Recovery Analysis Crashed unbootable Hard Drive? We can recover your files and posibly even your Drive.
  • computerfixesbytom.com 772-626-8629
Malware Removal and Protection
Malware Removal/Anti Malware Virus/Malware Removal Is your computer slow? Acting strange? Web browser hijacked? Pop-up asking you for money to remove? You most likely have a virus or malware. I can help!!!

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FAQs/About Us: ComputerFixesbyTom is a local business that serves Port Saint Lucie, Jensen Beach, Stuart, Palm City and West Palm Beach, Florida, 34952. Thomas Swartzel fixes & repairs Computers, Laptops, iDevices, Xbox 360, PSPs, Play Stations, Wiis, Any Generation, Any age. Red Ring of Death, Blue Screen of Death, Modifications, Installations, UpGrades, Security Analysis, Software, Hardware, Malware, Spyware Removal and Protection. Take a minute to check out our Links page. On there you will find FREE, SAFE and LEGAL Software Protection and Spyware Protection Downloads. Thomas Swartzel is an Electrical lead at Sikorsky Aircraft. Thomas is Certified in Soldering and many other things. His passions, is electronics, computers, how things work, how he can fix things better and faster than most people, in a different thought process than most would go about fixing things. He is very Knowledgeable in his Craft, and has been doing this since he was at least 10 years old!!! We also offer Linux Operating Systems. With affordable Flat Rates and Services, We always offer Free Pickup and Free Delivery. We accept all Major Debit and Credit Cards. You can feel safe and secure through Paypal, as we are Paypal Certified. We are also Google Verified. Our Motto: If we can't fix it, It's Free! Check out our Blog for Computer updates and Free Downloads to protect your Computer or Laptop. Our Webstore is always available, we will be adding more products soon. ***Friendly Reminder: Anything purchased through our Webstore, goes in our records. That way, if we are running a Special and you want the Special, but don't need it yet,  you can purchase your item. Once the item/items are purchased you will receive and email, as will we, the email of your purchase/purchases goes in our records, until you are ready to use it. It does NOT expire, until used. Refunds are always available.*** Make sure to check back with us frequently for any changes, updates or new discounts that are available. If you have any questions or don't see a service you are looking for, please, don't hesitate to Contact us. You can also view and leave testimonials. Computer Fixes by Tom is a locally owned and operated business. We offer Free pickup and Free Delivery to: Port Saint Lucie, Jensen Beach, Indian River Estates, Palm City and West Palm Beach, Florida, 34952. Call or Text Jillian at: 772-626-8629 or Email us at: ComputerFixesbyTom@Gmail.com and if you want to know more about who we are click the  About us button here. 

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Computer Fixes by Tom Always Offers Free Pick up & Free Delivery!!!! By appointment only. We do pickups on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 11:30am-1:30pm unless other plans have been made through Call/Text: 772-626-8629, Email: ComputerFixesbyTom@gmail.com

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Cheap, Fixed Prices. Better than Geek Squad!!! Honest, Loyal, Best Prices, Best Quality, Best Products, Best Services, Friendly, Helfpul, Computers, Laptops, iDevices, Gaming Consoles and more are returned looking and acting Brand New or Better than Brand New. We fix "Dinosaur" Computers, Age doesn't matter, we like a Challange and will Rise to the Challenge!!!